Architectural Craziness: This Wacky Tower is Barnacled With Cantilevered Closets

Photo via PSFK

If you think the outside of this mixed-use Rotterdam tower is a strange sight to behold, barnacled as it is with protruding storage lockers, just think of the feeling you’d get hanging up your coats and tossing your luggage into a sky-suspended closet. The future residents of Schiecentrale 48 can thank the firm of Mei Architecten en Stedenbouwers for the vertiginous sensation now accompanying the heretofore unremarkable task of cleaning house. Maybe they just wanted to add a little frisson to a very sturdy-looking design?

This latest development turned an AV production center, once a power plant, into a multi-purpose complex with apartments, offices, combined live-work units, a supermarket, and a gym. Each of the eleven floors has ten cantilevered closets each. Check out the view from right outside of one below.

Photo via PSFK

Photo via PSFK

· Inside-Out Tower Hosts its Closets on its Exterior [PSFK]


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