Linkage: ‘Eighties Flashback’ Real Estate; Controversial Design Trends

250.jpgPhoto via Design You Trust

· Mid-century time capsule in La Cañada asking $1.3M. [Curbed LA]
· The secret cities hidden between NYC skyscrapers. [Wired]
· $2.195M Montauk lakefront is an eighties flashback. [Curbed Hamptons]
· Williamson Chong’s House burrows into the Ontario landscape. [Dezeen]
· Chris Webber shoots for $4M in Malibu. []
· Why is Japan crazy about housing? [Arch Daily]
· How to create an urban oasis in one of the densest cities in the world. [Architizer]
· Harry Thaler adds boxy beds to artists’ apartment. [Dezeen]
· Cork-clad house features a shadow-filled swimming pool. [Dezeen]
· The crazy swing at Casa Del Arbol in Ecuador. [Design You Trust]
· Smog-eating façades and the future of air quality. [Architizer]
· Justin Long tries again to sell private hillside Mediterranean. [Zillow]
· The most controversial design trends ever. [HGTV]
· See some weirdo architecture made entirely out of cans. [Curbed LA]
· Float above San Francisco in Twin Peak’s new skywalk. [Curbed SF]
· HGTV star Danielle Colding layers generations of influence. [Apartment Therapy]
· Vision pays off in a vibrant live-work space. [Houzz]
· Refresh your home decor with just $20. [Casa Sugar]


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