On the Market: Lighthouse-Equipped Private Island Abode Asks $2.4M

Few American summer homes do novel and picturesque quite like the many historic lighthouses dotting the coast of Michigan, and this one ups the ante by throwing in the seven-acre private island it sits on. Round Island is its rather pedestrian name—and it isn’t even the only Round Island in the area—but let’s chalk the title up to a misplaced sense of modesty. Built in 1892, the house spent years in a state of disrepair after its days guiding ships through the mouth of St. Mary’s River came to an end, until one couple undertook the project of “turning a dilapidated 100-year-old building into a wonderful summer home.” Now, the place is clad in charming baby blue siding, with a clean, traditional interior that looks straight out of Better Homes and Gardens and a two-story deck looking out onto Munuscong Lake. At three bedrooms and 2,000 square feet, the place is pretty small for its $2.4M asking price, but, then again, you have an entire island to play Prospero on. Here, have a look-see:

· Private Michigan Island Comes With Historic Lighthouse [Realtor.com]
· 14055 E Raber Dock Rd [Realtor.com]

Source: http://curbed.com/archives/2013/12/26/lighthouseequipped-private-island-home-asks-24m.php

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