Toys ‘N’ Games: Come Take a Lego-fied Tour of the Simpsons House

lego-simpsons.jpgPhoto via Uncrate

Sure, the all-Lego The Simpsons episode may not be airing until May, but Homer and Marge’s home (not to mention the spiky and blue-haired ilk who live there) has already gone the way of the Ghostbusters HQ, Golden Girls house, and Harry Potter castle, getting the full-on plastic brick treatment. The Lego set, which goes on sale next month for $199, has got 2,523 pieces to build each detail of the two-story home on Evergreen Terrace, including the bay windows, TV antenna, pink car, and near-iconic brown couch.

simpsonsgiz2.jpgPhoto via Gizmodo

simpsonsgiz.jpgPhoto via Gizmodo

· Meet the Simpsons, Now in Lego Form [LA Times]


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